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why you choose leocadiatech for web development services

We realize effective and efficient websites based on the concepts of Inbound Marketing. Our ambition is to design or rethink your digital image and achieve your goals. A website is not only the showcase of your brand or the support of your business; it is the tool that centralizes your branding and lead generation. A real connected machine to design, broadcast, convert, track and understand your visitors at any level of maturity: prospective visitors or customers. We create different types of websites (showcasing websites, institutional, e-commerce, web portals, blogs …) using open source CMS and on the basis of market themes or creating custom themes incorporating all our know-how in Inbound Marketing. Are you wondering why you choose leocadiatech for web development services for your website? Then here are the matters that you must consider.

The skills of our web agency

The realization of a website is organized in different stages. They ensure the relevance of the project and therefore the success of your actions. The realization of the sites is also based on key expertise:

  • standards for standardization and compatibility of technologies ( W3C ),
  • user experience ( UX ),
  • the user interface ( UI ),
  • of graphic trends,
  • natural search ( SEO )
  • project management and management techniques,
  • The information system of the company.

It is therefore necessary to ask the right questions. In addition, they will not be the same for any project and must guide your intention according to your sector, environment, positioning and your objectives.

The co-creation methodology of our web agency

Our methodology in web development is based on 4 phases (analysis, design, production, dissemination) practiced in a co-creative environment: you bring your sector-related expertise and we bring our expertise in digital marketing to make radiate your activities. Support in the realization of your website requires a good understanding of your brand identity and your sector of activity. We believe that you are in the best position to speak about yourself and to share your values. This is why we practice co-creation with any brand wishing to collaborate to create differentiating websites.

Marketing Audit and Position Analysis

This phase is optional and depends on your needs in marketing and digital strategy:

  • Analysis of your brand identity
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Analysis of your positioning
  • Audit of the digital presence
  • Measure the performance and health of your site
  • Analysis of your content and your editorial line
  • SEO Position Analysis
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Digital competitive benchmark
  • Digital design

Realization of the modeling

The development of the web project consists of a research phase on the visual keys and the graphic transcription of the positioning of the brand. The modeling phase makes it possible to concertize the values ​​and the vision of the brand on the future website.

Optimizing the user experience

The term User eXperience (UX) represents the quality of the experience experienced by the user during his visit to your website. Our team is eager to care for the customer experience, and this on all media.68% of users leave a site because of their bad experience and 44% of online shoppers will share with friends this bad adventure. UX thus takes a prominent place today in the world of the web. This criterion strongly influences the results of a site, whatever its purpose or format.


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