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Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing Is Effective For Doing Business Online?

Online marketing makes the difference between being successful or not successful for many entrepreneurs. Years ago we started our academy to help entrepreneurs earn a good income with their profession or passion.


Online Marketing for B2B And B2C 

You have to tailor your marketing to the right target group. Here it makes a huge difference whether you take B2B Or B2C. B2B Strategy In Short Build a professional website where the conversion is focused on requests elaborate landing pages for your services and make sure the call-to-action is clear. Provide a good adwords advertisement or create more landing pages to get visitors

B2C Strategy In Short ·

Build a professional website where the conversion is focused on options (email addresses)·

Start a blog, share knowledge that is valuable and relevant to your target audience·

Advertise via facebook with a direct give-away send visitors to an option page·

Build a relationship through email marketing and ensure a low-threshold acquaintance

People Are Social Beings, Even When It Comes To Business They prefer to work with a trusted person rather than with an anonymous organization. But at the same time they are price-conscious and, thanks to the internet, often look far beyond their familiar circle when they want to buy something or buy a service. Social selling enables you as an entrepreneur or sales employee to connect with customers. Every contact moment is an opportunity for you to create a lead. By sharing your knowledge with potential customers, you win their trust, so that the threshold is lower to buy from you.

What Is Social Selling?  

Social selling is a way to interest potential customers in your products or services through the use of social media. You do that by presenting yourself as a personal brand: not your company, but your personality is central. you start the conversation with your target group and share valuable information with your potential customers. Do you notice that you have aroused the interest of a customer?

Then You Can Contact In A Very Natural Way:

You have already become a bit familiar. Social selling is therefore a combination of sales, personal branding and content marketing where you use Social Media. The social aspect is crucial to gaining trust.

Is Social Selling Something For You?

You may wonder if social selling is for you. Perhaps you fear that you need a whole team for it, or that it will cost your seas time. That is not the case: social selling is also very suitable for freelancers and smes. Social selling does cost you time, but that time is better spent than on cold acquisition. And with a good plan you keep the effort under control.

First Determine The Goal You Want To Achieve With Social Selling

Before You Start Spouting All Sorts Of Content Via Social Media:

First set the goal you want to achieve with social selling. That helps you to focus, making your actions more successful, while you spend less time on it. A clear goal is for example:

In the coming quarter i will focus on target group x with social selling. At the end of the quarter i want to have a sales discussion with ten companies from this target group. The Basis of Social Selling: A Personal Brand In order to exploit the social aspect of social selling, you do not enter into the conversation with potential customers as an organization, but as a personal brand. What does your personal fire look like?  A Personal Brand Must Be Clear To Begin With. That Means You Have To Make Choices:  What do you stand for, what do you like and why? Furthermore, You must be recognizable and remain By always delivering the same and everywhere, and having the same appearance. With all this you can distinguish yourself from all other entrepreneurs who offer the same as you.


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