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Why SEO important for a website?

The importance of SEO -SEO for your strategy is essential to develop the visibility of your site. One thing is for sure, SEO is a difficult task and we will see today the essential steps to boost your SEO strategy. SEO, the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, is the set of rules and techniques aimed at optimizing the SEO of a website. Natural referencing allows benefiting from the so-called free traffic from Google to distinguish paid referencing that relies on services like Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo.

SEO improves your website’s reputation and visibility on search engines to be the best placed in the search results of users. You should know that Google is the # 1 search engine, 95% of searches are made there.Google relies on a series of often updated algorithms which makes the work of SEOs very important. Without a well-established technology watch and an update of the current SEO strategy, your SEO will lose places in search engine results. Wondering Why SEO important for a website? Then here are the things that you have to take into account.

For this, three main points are essential:

The importance of SEO – SEO through the structural and textual quality of the site: tag structure, hierarchy of titles, quality and quantity of texts, good use of keywords.

The Site update frequency: Google’s bots will check your site for new (quality) content.

Website traffic: A significant number of visits to your site are perceived by Google as a sign of quality of your site.

Why do an SEO strategy:

Today, if a company is present on the web, it must think of an SEO strategy to meet its objectives (to make it known, to propose its products or services, to improve its notoriety).The Internet is a very good showcase for businesses and a communication medium more and more used, but it also has the defect to make us impatient. You should know that 91% of clicks are on the first page of Google results and users are 61% to go to the 3rd page of results! Whether your website has a modern design and avant-garde animations, if users do not find your site in the first results of the search engine, they will not take the time to find it!The importance of SEO – SEO lies in the increase, considerable, its visibility and therefore its business. For all these reasons, the creation of a website and the optimization of SEOare inseparable.

SEO optimization: how is it going?

The task of optimizing a website usually goes hand in hand with SEO consultants and agency that will do some background work on your online store. The idea is to understand here, the interest and the different stages of this optimization, whose vocabulary seems to be sometimes quite technical, or even inaccessible for an uninformed public. In reality, it is not very complicated to understand the basic logic of this arduous task. Interest, we now understand, is to stand out, to take over direct competition. We must therefore succeed in being more in line with the expectations of search engines, especially Google, than all of the competition. The idea remains to stand out, in order to be visible in the eyes of Internet users. The different steps, although they may vary from one agency to another, are generally quite similar. They break down as follows: technical aspect, content, net linking, and recently, PC / mobile performance. The last step remains the same: the verification of expected results.


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